What are we determined to change, experience, or understand more deeply?

Recently, I transferred to CSU Monterey Bay from Merced Community College in hopes of pursuing a higher education at a prestigious university. At my previous college, students were isolated and not as motivated or determined as I was to accomplish a degree or gain a broader spectrum of knowledge. Here, at CSU Monterey Bay, I am surrounded by enlightened students who strive to learn and achieve a greater knowledge among their fields. The greatest change I have observed within this community is the acceptance of diversity. Unlike my previous college, at CSU Monterey Bay individuals interact with other individuals without the concern of race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. These students are willing to accept the assortment among beliefs and understandings, and are open to multiple perspectives regarding any given subject. Here, at Monterey, I finally feel welcomed and respected for voicing my opinions. Along my journey at this university I am determined to introduce others to the acceptance of others’ beliefs and philosophies. I want to use the skills I will learn here to reestablish the confidence at my previous college when I return. Every individual is considered a human being, so why should we be prejudice, towards others, based on the difference of what they belief or have learned? Why should we segregate others because of their differences? I am determined to change the minds of many individuals on how they perceive other human beings.

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