New Information on Secondhand Smoke Ban in California

On October 1, 2013, the city of Coronado, California, had a 3-2 vote in favor of banning smoking on almost all public property. According to the Coronado City Council, this ordinance would prohibit smoking streets, sidewalks, alleyways, and other outdoor areas. The city of Coronado is making a concerted effort to promote a healthy community and care for the well-being of  all individuals. If this city can make a difference, why can’t other California communities contribute to ban smoking for the benefit of everyone?

See below for web address and link.

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One thought on “New Information on Secondhand Smoke Ban in California

  1. rguzik831 says:

    I think Coronado is paving the way for something admirable. I am surprised that I have not heard of this before, so thank you for sharing this. I am wondering how this will affect the law that is no smoking 20 feet from a building. I am not a fan of smoking, I would like to raise my future children in a “cleaner” world. I think changes like the one Coronado is doing is a great example for every one else. I think that the entire nation should follow this and I bet lives would change, lives would be improved, and cleaner air. WIN!

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