Planning to change with knowledge

I have learned a great amount of communication and writing skills throughout these past weeks in Professional Communication. These skills are beneficial for they have allowed me to professionally and effectively voice and support my opinion within my advocacy report on inadequate smoke-free laws in California. Throughout my report, I improved my skill of “Christensen paragraphing” (numbering the order of sentences within a paragraph), development of my meta-cognition habit of mind (in order to understand how a reader would mentally process my paper), and how to properly focus on the main problem without adding an overwhelmingly amount of information.

By participating and comprehending professional communications skills, I have been provided with enough beneficial skills that can be used in the future endeavors. Now, I have the chance to construct a report on any health problem I desire and formerly voice my opinion. The opinion I want to voice is that California contains numerous inadequate smoke-free laws that do not provide full protection from secondhand smoke exposure. By voicing my opinion through writing, I can reach my goal of gaining supporters through a written report that could be available to everyone. However, the start to achieving this goal is to present my paper locally in hopes that the public will consider making a change about smoke-free policies.

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