As U.S. government ponders future of e-cigarettes, UC Merced joins growing movement to ban them

As U.S. government ponders future of e-cigarettes, UC Merced joins growing movement to ban them

Many smokers are quitting cigarettes and converting to the option of smoking electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes still offer the satisfaction of nicotine in the form of vapor. This new generation of electronic cigarettes does reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes; however, chemicals are still being released thus contaminating the air. More California communities and college campuses are fighting to keep their environment clean with updated policies that ban traditional and electronic cigarettes. For example, UC Merced is progressing in the movement to ban electronic cigarettes.

3 thoughts on “As U.S. government ponders future of e-cigarettes, UC Merced joins growing movement to ban them

  1. alijeannette says:

    I recently learned about “e-cigarettes” and since have been noticing them more and more around the area. However, I know very little about them. Obviously putting an end to all cigarette smoking would be ideal, but do you think electronic cigarettes are a better step than nothing? Also, since they are such a recent trend, do you think they could present other health issues in the future that we are unaware of now?

  2. dannymetz777 says:

    Thanks for sharing this article, I found it very interesting. I think that this argument could go on for years as there are so many diverse sides of the issue. On one side I think it is appropriate to allow these e-cigs because they really are only water vapor. They still look gross and disturbing in public, but they are not doing any harm to the surrounding environment and public. I find the opposite argument appropriate as well though. People are not allowed to pop open a alcoholic beverage or light up a joint in public, so why should they be allowed to smoke any form of cigarette in public. Smoking tobacco is still unhealthy and a substance that impairs your function. I agree with both sides but more the second argument. What is your opinion on this topic? I am guessing you are against it but I’m curious on your reasons. I think with the strong dislike for cigarettes in our nation nowadays that all forms of smoking will be banned in public areas. I do think that e-cigs are a healthy alternative so they should be encouraged as an alternative to regular cigarettes.

  3. danieldanny says:

    I really think this is funny. E-cigarettes! I can’t believe they invented this type of cigarette. And what you say that they are not even safe to smoke makes it very sad as well. Smoking in general is bad. I cannot believe college students smoke when they know the health risk involve. E-cigarettes are not the solution. I hope that UC Merced can pan e-cigarettes.

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