Children see… Children do

This video is powerful in its message that children are continuously watching their parents’ actions. The part of this video that really spoke to me was the copying behavior of smoking. A parent is smoking a cigarette and the child behind the parent is doing the same act. This proves that, if children are exposed to smoking, children will more than likely develop the habit of smoking.

One thought on “Children see… Children do

  1. rguzik831 says:

    All I have to say is WOW… I think this video is so moving and powerful. What this video portrays is true, at least I believe so. Children learn almost everything from their parents. Good or bad examples children will follow it. If I ever were to have kids, I would try to be the best parent and example that I could be. I wish this video were to be on television now and publicized every where. This video is worthy of that and the message is universal.

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