Secondhand Smoke and the Effects on Children

Secondhand smoke is hazardous to anyone who comes into contact with it. This toxic smoke can effect any individual, including innocent children. Children are greatly effected by secondhand smoke for they are still undergoing their developmental changes, both physically and mentally. When exposed to secondhand smoke, a child can develop serious health problems such as severe asthma, chronic ear infections, and an early onset of bronchitis.

The attached video provides a better understanding on how children can be effected by secondhand smoke.

For the parents who are avid smokers, the next time you light up a cigarette around your child please ask yourself this, ” Am I willing to put my child’s health at risk for this simple cigarette?”.


One thought on “Secondhand Smoke and the Effects on Children

  1. rguzik831 says:

    I believe that children are innocent beings. I think that it is selfish of parents who smoke to do this habit around their children. I am not sure if there are strict laws that protect children against smoke/cig smoke? If there is not…then there should be some implemented and harsh punishment to protect children. Would you support such laws? I would. Lives could be saved 🙂

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