Smoke from E-Cigs Still Poses Some Second-Hand Risk

Smoke from E-Cigs Still Poses Some Second-Hand Risk

Today, a new item is out on the market that can satisfy the craving of nicotine without the lighting up of a cigarette. This new, propagating product is the electronic cigarette, or more commonly known as the e-cigarette. An electronic cigarette is a portable handheld machine which creates water vapor combined with nicotine that can be inhaled by the user. Many individuals believe that e-cigs are healthier than regular cigarettes; however, electronic cigarettes still release the addictive nicotine, found in secondhand smoke, into the atmosphere. Further research must be developed in order to prove whether or not e-cigs are healthier for humans.

The attached link is an article, borrowed from TIME magazine, written by Alexandra Sifferlin, that covers more information on electronic cigarettes, nicotine exposure, and the risks of secondhand smoke exposure.

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