Secondhand Smoke and the Effects on Children

Secondhand smoke is hazardous to anyone who comes into contact with it. This toxic smoke can effect any individual, including innocent children. Children are greatly effected by secondhand smoke for they are still undergoing their developmental changes, both physically and mentally. When exposed to secondhand smoke, a child can develop serious health problems such as severe asthma, chronic ear infections, and an early onset of bronchitis.

The attached video provides a better understanding on how children can be effected by secondhand smoke.

For the parents who are avid smokers, the next time you light up a cigarette around your child please ask yourself this, ” Am I willing to put my child’s health at risk for this simple cigarette?”.


Children see… Children do

This video is powerful in its message that children are continuously watching their parents’ actions. The part of this video that really spoke to me was the copying behavior of smoking. A parent is smoking a cigarette and the child behind the parent is doing the same act. This proves that, if children are exposed to smoking, children will more than likely develop the habit of smoking.

Tar is found in all cigarettes! Tar, in solid form, is the brown, sticky substance that lingers on the filter of a finished cigarette. Tar tends to increase as the cigarette continues to burn down. Tar has the ability to stain a smoker’s teeth and anything else that may come into contact with it. This video will demonstrate how revolting tar is after multiple cigarettes are burned.

Now, imagine that tar settling into the elastic pink tissue of your lungs.